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Hatha Yoga

In Sanskrit, Hatha is translated as "ha" meaning sun and "tha" meaning moon. Thus this practice is the union and balance of opposites.


These classes use a combination of asanas (postures), breathing and meditation to bring you back into harmony. Some classes will explore using partners. 


AcroYoga/Partner Acrobatics

This practice joins two or more people; typically with a base and a flyer. By laying down or standing up, the base offers the flyer a stable platform to come into a pose or dynamic posture or sequence. These classes guarantee trust building, facing limiting beliefs and LOTS of fun.


Restorative Yoga

This gentle yoga class uses many props such as cushions, blankets and straps as well as gravity to coax your body to release and restore. Poses will be held for longer periods in a relaxed, comfortable state. Massage is incorporated in the final pose to ensure the body is in pure bliss.


There is something magical about sitting in meditation with others. Gentle guidance is offered from a diverse background including: Tibetan Buddhism (guided visualization), Hatha Yoga (breathing techniques), Sound Healing (toning) and Buddhism (breath and/or walking meditation).



Qi Gong

These standing postures connect the breath with movement and intention to help the energy to flow freely throughout the body.


By focusing on the healing and spiritual aspect of the practice, we balance specific organs to help bring the entire body back into unity and realign energetic channels.


This gently guided movement meditation provides space for the dancer to fully let go and enter free form body movement. 


DANCEmandala offers gateways to connect with the mind, body and soul through movement and connection with others and music.  This is a journey and each individual has a choice of how much they are willing to release, how deep they are willing to go, how free they can be.


If you enjoy 5 Rhythms® or dancing in your bedroom while no one is watching, you'll love DANCEmandala!



Private Classes


Whether for an individual or a group, any of the offerings listed are available for private classes and workshops.


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